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Overview papercutters

SRC 930
SRC 1150
SRC 1620
SRC 1850

Most important features

The most striking advantages are:
  • full hydraulic drive with little wear for knife and clamping
  • vibration free cutting
  • coloured screen
  • available with touch screen
  • program control based on Windows offers extraordinarily high memory storage and a nearly unlimited number of programs
  • measurement positioning: 1 / 10 mm
  • quiet operating

The paper saddle has a restraining guide on both sides of the table, no jamming, no groove in the table.

The special cast steel and extensive ribbing provide for a high level of rigidity and stability of the machine. This allows even the heaviest weights of cutting material to be processed.

The delivery program consists of 3 types of machines:
  • standard machine with electric saddle movement, display of measurements and hand-wheel for fine adjustments, no
    computer control
  • program controlled machine with monitor display and push button operation
  • program controlled machine with monitor touch-screen 

Cutting length available at the moment:
780, 930, 1150, 1300, 1370, 1620 and 1850 mm

The machines comply with all safety regulations demanded by the authorities, they have a CE-certificate and have been safety checked by different institutes.

SRC 930 Monitor-PC

The paper bracket has a constrained guide on both sides of the table. This ensues absolute no jamming. The usual groove in the table has been dropped, this make working life easier.

Small and middle sized printing houses often use machines with a cutting width of 780 and 930 mm. Both types can be delivered with electric saddle drive and hand-wheel for fine control, as all our machine in standard version but also as program controlled machines with display or with touch-screen display.

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SRC 1150 Monitor-PC

The built in Sick photoelectric barriers provide absolute protection against accidents at work and have a self control, which is always in operation. Additionally the two hand insertion provides an additional protection.

Machines with a cutting width from 1150 mm are being used in bigger paper processing companies, in which a high productivity is demanded. It is therefore logically, that the majority of machines used have computer control. Our delivery program of 24 models at time offers the proper solution for each requirement.

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SRC 1620 Touch Screen

By using Siemens components and the construction of the electric cabinets in a special company ensues a reliable functioning. At the same time the safety relevant control elements are in accordance with international regulations.

Great demands are made on cutting machines with such big cutting widths regarding use and stability. The illustration shows, that machines with such dimensions distinguish themselves by harmonious proportions with fluid lines. The designers have done a thorough job. This cutting width is also, as all others, available in the three described models.

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SRC 1850 Touch Screen

A powerful machine drive - fitted for the cutting width of each machine - ensures the necessary reserve at all times.

The common cutting materials for our machines are paper and card board. We offer these machines also for not ordinary materials such as cellulose, leather, cork, plastic, container board, veneer, plywood, thin sheet metal and many more. In case such material are used, we ask for a sample. This machine is also available in all three types and it is the biggest model at the moment.

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